Biomechanics applied to dental movement with aligners: transverse, vertical and sagittal planes. The KEY is in the transverse plane. Anchorage in orthodontics and sequence of movements. How to achieve predictability in your treatment plan. The 3 basic principles in orthodontic treatments with aligners to be successful. The importance of the lower incisor: the final position that guarantees success. Concepts associated with orthodontics with transparent aligners: 1 TRUforces and Smartforces. 2 Active and passive attachments: description, selection, design, application. 3 Power Ridges. 4 Precision cuts for inter- or intra-maxillary elastics. 5 Bite ramps: application, selection of different types and design. 6 Pontics and semipontics. When to apply them. 7 Stripping: interproximal reduction techniques, tools and functions.